(Yet Another) X-Wing Miniatures Squad Builder

This is a simple, fast, no-frills squad builder for X-Wing Miniatures by Fantasy Flight Games. It is pure HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and requires no backend, and can be dropped into place on any website (with maybe a few CSS tweaks).

Icons and fonts courtesy GeckoTH's excellent PSD, available on A Few Maneuvers.

X-Wing symbols font courtesy Hinny and Josh Derksen.

Fancy printout design inspired by TheKestrel on the FFG forums.

German translation by failgod and strikegun from FFG Forums.

Spanish translation by evil_wins Solo from BoardGameGeek forums, negroscuro and Kharn.

French translation by pejuaxel and sirmaugan.

Polish translation by Bober9000.

Russian translation by michigun.

Turkish translation by ibrahimerol.

Hungarian translation by gmodos.

Maneuver dial functionality by hpanderson.

Upgrade card text integrated into printouts by wffurr.

Squad name in the permalink and obstacles choice modal by zacharyp.

Interested in playing with the source or contributing features or bug fixes? Fork it on GitHub. (Issues can also be filed via GitHub.)

A backend is available if the ability to save squadrons is needed; it can be forked on GitHub here. You can view the privacy policy here.

This builder is unofficial and is not affiliated with Fantasy Flight Games, Lucasfilm Ltd., or Disney.